At Lotus, we know many ways for you to keep an eye on your business. Technological advances in surveillance have expanded usage into many different areas. Use our solutions for monitoring, training, traffic counting, license plate tracking, crime protection, and just about anything else that you can imagine. The systems encompass a wide range of price ranges. Internet-based remote viewing is standard in all of our solutions. Our software-driven solutions can turn your cameras into traffic counters, statistics generators, alarm sensors, or communication devices.

Alarm and Security

Our alarm solutions connect to our security solutions creating a complete monitoring service. With our monitoring service, you can see who is coming and going in your building, in real time, via email or text message. You can eliminate punch clocks for your payroll with this monitoring service.

Access Control

With our access control option, you can control who has access to your buildings, control passage within your business, and eliminate physical key management altogether. You can use the data generated to integrate with payroll or track after-hours access.